Northern Employee Benefits Services (NEBS) is a member owned, not-for-profit corporation that sponsors an insurance and health care benefits plan and a pension plan for public sector employees in the north.                                                                          

Membership in NEBS is open to all northern public sector employers, including:

  • community governments,
  • band councils,
  • public housing organizations,
  • boards and agencies of government, and
  • non-profit organizations.

Over 130 employers representing 2000 employees are members of NEBS. 

To become a member an employer must apply and is required to accept the NEBS policies that govern joining and payment of contributions.

Our Employer Members have the choice of a number of plans that provide life and disability insurance and health, vision and dental benefits for their employees, as well as a retirement pension plan. Members also have a direct voice in the management of NEBS.

A Board of Directors oversees the management of the Corporation. Directors are nominated and elected by Employer Members and the Board reports to the Membership at annual general meetings. The Chief Executive Officer and a small staff are located in Yellowknife and manage program operations. Employer Members are kept informed of all Board activities and program matters through regular Employer Bulletins and other mailings.