Some benefit plans include family coverage provided your dependents meet the definition of a dependent contained in the benefit summary. Coverage for your dependents becomes effective the same date your coverage is effective.

Definition of a dependent:

Who is a dependent?

Your spouse is a person of the same or opposite sex to whom you are legally married, or with whom you have lived continually in a common-law relationship for more than 12 months and publicly represent as your spouse.

  • Benefits can be extended for a former spouse where you are required by court order to provide some or all of the benefits available under your plan. Note that you can only insure one person as your spouse for all benefits at any given time.

Your dependent children are your or your spouse’s unmarried natural, adopted, or step children, or any other unmarried children for whom you or your spouse have been appointed legal guardian. Your dependent child is eligible for coverage if he/she:

  • is under age 21 and not working more than 30 hours a week, unless a full-time student,
  • is under age 25 and registered as a student at a college, university, trade school or similar educational facility and attending on a full-time basis, or
  • permanently incapacitated either prior to age 21 or while an eligible student (must be suffering from a permanent mental or physical infirmity and incapable of supporting himself/herself financially due to a medically diagnosed physical or psychiatric condition).

If your child is suffering from a medically diagnosed permanent mental or physical infirmity, or is a student, for continued coverage beyond age 21 you must submit a written application within 31 days of your child reaching age 21 and supply proof of their infirmity, or status as a student.

Your spouse’s child is an eligible dependent if the child is also your natural or adopted child and your spouse is residing with you, insured under your plan and has custody of the child.

A child for whom you or your spouse has been appointed guardian is not an eligible dependent unless NEBS has received satisfactory proof of guardianship. If your insured spouse is the guardian, the insured spouse must be residing with you.

A child is not considered a full-time student if the child is being paid while attending a training or re-training program at an educational institution, excluding scholarships. If you have dependent children who are students over age 21, you must submit proof of student status annually (by completing the student declaration form).

A parent (for the purpose of Optional Life Insurance only) under age 70 who is residing with you and who is financially dependent on you.