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Dental Care

Check with your employer to find out if dental coverage is offered.

This benefit pays for dental services.

The plan covers:

  • Basic Services—100% of eligible charges
  • Major Services—60% of eligible charges
  • Orthodontic Services—50% of eligible charges

The maximum reimbursement will not exceed the amounts per person indicated below:

  • Basic Services
  • Major Services
    • Combined annual maximum of $2,000 per covered person
  • Orthodontic Services
    • Dependent children under 19 only
    • $3,500 lifetime per covered child

The amount of $25.00 for singles and $50.00 for families will be deducted from the covered charges incurred in any one calendar year.

Dental Treatment likely to exceed $400.00 should be submitted to the insurance company for prior approval. This procedure will identify the cost you may be responsible for and will provide you with an opportunity to seek an alternative course of treatment if necessary.

Employees have the choice of single coverage; spouse only coverage or family coverage for their spouse and dependent children.

Your dental insurance terminates at age 70.