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NEBS is a multi-employers plan, meaning we bill the employer and they are responsible to deduct from employees any premiums the employee is expected to pay.

Employers set the level of contributions they will make to the cost of the insurance and health benefits plans. In cases where non-taxable benefits are chosen, employees must pay premiums. In other cases employers may pay all, or a portion of premiums. These are decisions the employer will make with their employees based on their circumstances.

Health and Pension payments cannot be combined on one cheque.  Please issue two separate payments to “NEBS Health” and “NEBS Pension”.

NEBS is currently unable to accept direct deposit, however we are actively working to make this possible.  All members will receive further information via email and our newsletter as it becomes available.

For more information on the NEBS Program call the NEBS OFFICE at (867) 873-4965.

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Please review the plan details booklet regarding plan maximums, exemptions based on age and/or employment status.