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Filing a Health, Vision, or Dental Claim

All extended health & vision claims, and dental claims must be submitted to the Co-operators directly. Pharmacies and Dental Offices can submit claims on behalf of the client, if they are provided with the information found on the PID Card (example pictured below) issued to all new employees upon enrolling in the extended health and/or dental plan. If the pharmacy and/or dental office does not accept online transmission, please complete a standard extended health care claim form or standard dental claim form and mail it to the Co-operators.

For claims not submitted directly by a pharmacy or dental office, clients can complete the standard extended health care claim form and must include receipts which give sufficient detail to assist in the settlement of the claim.

Upon completion of these forms, the claims should be sent to:

Co-operators Life Insurance Company    
1900 Albert Street    
Regina, SK   S4P 4K8

Claims can also be filed online on the Co-operators website: or by using the Benefits Now app on a smartphone. In order to submit claims electronically and to set up an account on Benefits Now, clients must phone the Co-operators at 1-800-667-8164 to be issued a temporary password. Members will require the information located on the client’s PID card as proof of identification.

Once a Benefits Now account has been set up, clients can view their claims history, benefit maximums, enter direct deposit information, and submit claims through the website or app. Members will also have access to their digital benefits card on their Benefits Now app for smartphone. 

PID Cards are issued from the NEBS office directly to the employer, once an employee has been enrolled in the extended health and / or dental plan. The PID card lists the group policy number, the division number, and the certificate number – all of which is required to submit a claim. The PID Cards are as follows:


Patient ID card front

If you have lost your PID card or it has been damaged, please contact our office to request a new one.


Patient ID card back